Everyone is born with natural abilities. Natural abilities are not influenced by education or experience; they are just there to be harnessed and developed. By the age of fourteen your natural abilities have matured enough to be defined and measured. The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the "Gold Standard" among tools assessing human abilities or aptitudes. At Home Academy’s consultant, Carla Miley, facilitates the HAB and conducts the post-assessment consultation. Your ability profile will provide you with direction and focus in a practical, objective way. This unique assessment reveals your natural talents. You will understand the "why" behind many of your behaviors such as procrastination, job boredom, intensity, and many others.


There are no pass or fail scores — no good or bad scores. The assessment facilitates better self-management in career and college choices by focusing on your natural abilities and strengths. When your assessment results are interpreted, your "low" scores tell us as much about you as your "high" scores do.


After your assessment, a 30-page report will show how you learn best, the most suitable study environment for you, how you communicate most effectively, and how you solve problems on a daily basis. Our trained consultant, Carla Miley, will go over your report in detail and discuss ways that your scores can inform your personal life and career, and improve the way you relate to school and work. This discussion can be conducted in-person or over the phone.

Carla Miley is a Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. She received her Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Health Sciences from Louisiana State University Medical Center School of Allied Health Professions in New Orleans, LA. She has been a Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor since 1998. Carla has held various positions in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling including Case Manager and Vocational Counselor, working both in the private and public sectors.

Carla and her husband, John, have four teenage children: one in college and three in high school. While her children have benefited from local private and public education, Carla noticed the need to look beyond academic success. Everyone wants their children to succeed and be their best academically, however, there is so much more to their future than grades and test scores. 

As a Certified Highlands Consultant, Carla utilizes the Highlands Whole Person Model, which includes natural abilities, interests, personal style, values, and goals, along with academic achievement. Carla desires to see students discover what they do best by helping them identify college and/or career options suitable to their unique abilities and talents.