Do you have a child choosing elective courses in school, weighing college options, trying to decide on a major, or applying for jobs? Are you a working adult looking for a career change? Let us help you and/or your child identify natural strengths, and learn how those innate strengths can direct, or redirect, choices in school, work, and beyond.  

Everyone has innate or “hard-wired” abilities. The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the “gold standard” for measuring natural abilities. The HAB measures these abilities through 19 timed work samples that help us understand how you work best and what drives you. Individuals gain an understanding of the “why” behind behaviors and experiences such as procrastination, boredom, stress, and more.

At Home Academy’s consultant, Carla Miley, facilitates the HAB and conducts the post-assessment consultation. This personalized debrief, in addition to a detailed 30+ page result report, is truly what sets the Highlands Ability Battery apart from other ability assessments. This individualized, in-depth review provides insight that enables you to plot education and career development goals.  

It is impossible to “fail” the Highlands Ability Battery. Unlike standardized academic tests, this assessment identifies each individual’s core strengths, providing direction and focus in a practical, objective way. Individuals learn to articulate their unique abilities and personal style in terms of success and happiness in life, school and career.

The effectiveness of decision-making at various points in life will depend on the knowledge you have about yourself. Ultimately, the battery increases self-awareness and self-confidence by giving you a true understanding of your abilities, making it a wise investment.

To get for information about the Highlands Ability Battery, contact At Home Academy at 318-458-5820 and, or contact Carla Miley at

 At Home Academy has been locally owned and operated by Beth L. Woods since 2008. The Academy offers one-on-one tutoring for all ages and all subjects (including standardized test prep), ACT test prep classes, and the Highlands Ability Battery. To learn more about At Home Academy, visit

At Home Academy Founder & CEO Beth Woods with Highlands Ability Battery Consultant Carla Miley

At Home Academy Founder & CEO Beth Woods with Highlands Ability Battery Consultant Carla Miley