Beth Woods, owner of At Home Academy and Test Prep, has spent a lifetime devoted to helping others. 

As is often the case, she had several great examples to follow growing up. Many members of her family have served others in a variety of different ways. Her grandfather was a headmaster, her grandmother was a librarian, and her great-Uncle was the president of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. Another uncle, a surgeon in New Orleans, was one of five founders of Ochsner Health System. Still other family members have served as professors, teachers and mentors, helping others while serving the community’s needs. So it comes as no real surprise to those that know her well that Beth is passionate about helping others. 

Beth began her professional education at Texas Christian University and continued with her master’s degree in education from Louisiana State University in Shreveport. Since graduation, Beth has worked for over 30 years in the field of education serving in the classroom, both in public and private schools, as an administrator in an elementary/middle school and also working at the Louisiana Department of Education. Today, she owns and operates At Home Academy, a private tutoring company specializing in individualized private subject tutoring, test prep services for tests such as the ACT, SAT, GMAT, LSAT and others. With over 30 professional tutors busy every day, she still makes time to offer career and college counseling including aptitude and skill assessments, which uncover strengths and weakness for those making important education decisions or contemplating life changes. 

Utilizing highly qualified tutors who are leaders in their fields, she teams students with mentors, making lifelong connections that provide unprecedented success in the classroom. Building confidence and expectations is the crown jewel for Beth. When students gain confidence, built on competence, there is little left to chance. They are already winners. “It is just so rewarding to have played a small part in watching this transformative process.” 

At Home Academy is truly an amazing place and is the result of Beth’s lifelong passion to help others succeed through education. A place where you can learn and practice to be your best. With a brand new location downtown in the Lofts at 624, Beth is still excited about what the future holds. New opportunities to learn and practice valuable skills like keyboarding, cursive writing, computer coding and others will be offered for the first time this summer. Beth says these are skills that receive little attention in a busy school setting, driven by common core standards, but are critical skills for today’s young adult students. Classes are filling up fast, but spots are still available. 

There are future plans to open other locations and expand the classes offered, but every student will continue to receive the individualized support and encouragement for which Beth and At Home Academy are known. Having a positive influence on so many lives has provided Beth with the opportunity to continue a family legacy which is both inspiring and critical to our community’s future. You could say, helping others is just part of her DNA.

As published in the April 25-May 8, 2018 issue of The Forum. Click here to view the article.